DYS Photo - Studio One

645 N Eckhoff Street, Unit B, Orange CA 96868

Social Media & You

With so many of your clients and customers online it's so important having quality profile photos.

Through our studio we have made this process easy and very affordable.

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Over 20 Backgrounds

With so many backgrounds you can use a different one anytime from our website and download you control what you want and which ones to use on each of your social media and websites. 

Fly your company colors with logo backgrounds are also available.

No background also available so you can overlay just you on your website or other media including print.


Centrally Located in Orange County

645 N Eckhoff Street, Unit B
Orange, CA 92868

Only $49?

Upper-Body Profile Shots?

Shots from torso and shoulders up. Angles left, right center. Looking up and down angles, multiple facial expressions.?

Only $49?

Full Body Profile Shots?

Fully body standing. Angles left, right center. Looking up and down angles, multiple facial expressions and poses.?

Only $79?

Both Upper & Full Body Profile Shots?

Get both and save $20! Have a ton of photos for all your marketing needs!?


Can you make me look younger?  - Yes
Can you remove wrinkles? - Yes
I have a zit, can you remove it? - Yes
Can you make me look skinnier? - Yes
Does the price include editing? - Yes

Check it out!

Click to see what other customers have gotten! See the many different poses and play with changing backgrounds.

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